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I've been invited to participate in "Discovery in the Details," a
group exhibition at Studio Montclair, curated by Nette Forne Thomas. Studio Montclair is located at 127 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair,
NJ and the exhibition dates are: April 6 -- May 19, 2018. The reception is Friday, April 6, 7-9PM. 


The exhibition examines the compelling visual exploration through focus on a close up view of a work of art. The art on display are works that contain a detail (an area or focal point) that the artist found compelling and that could be enlarged to stand-alone as a completed artwork. The recreated area is in the same medium as the original, and the enlarged detail will be shown alongside the original work.


The focus on this aspect impacts the implications it holds for both artists and viewers. It forces consideration of what the detail of a work conveys and how it contributes to its success as a whole. The side-by-side presentation in this manner encourages the viewer to explore the depth and nuances of the artwork, and provide unique insight into the artist's thoughts and technique.

AND I'm now teaching at FOUR locations!

The Center for Contemporary Art --
The Farmstead Art Center --
The Hunterdon Art Museum --

Group and Private lessons --

Now booking spring/summer private and group classes (Tuesdays) in Millburn. E-mail me for more information!

Also, my summer workshops and pop-up classes are being planned - stay tuned! 

It's that time again -- time for our summer pop-up classes! We will meet on Monday mornings (10am -- 1pm, June 26 thru Aug 28) in Bedminster for three hours of drawing fun. Just like last year we'll take turns posing, but if enough people sign up we'll have models! ($30/session) 


Also, new for the summer are BYOB drawing and painting "classes" in my studio in Millburn. We will meet Wednesday nights (depending on number of participants/scheduling/etc.) starting June 14 and running through August 30 for live sessions with the model and "light" instruction if requested (you know I can't stop teaching). There will also be still-life set-ups and opportunities to work from photos. The cost is $20/session for the Millburn classes (7-9pm).


And we will also meet on Wednesday mornings at 10 in/around Clinton for plein-air painting classes (which will run until 12n, or 1pm depending upon the weather/heat) June 14 thru August 30 -- $25/session. Contact me for more information. I look forward to drawing/painting with you!





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